Experience & philosopy

Our experience and philosophy

To be able to give adequate attention to each individual client, the firm has two principal Architects trained in Architecture, Town Planning and Landscape Architecture as well as trained Technical and supporting staff.

The Architects have a wide experience in the building industry having undertaken several projects in Kenya, Uganda, Botswana and Rwanda.

SK Archplans has the primary consideration of developing as a firm with meaningful and practical approaches to problems found not only in this country but also in Africa as a whole. The firm takes special interest in studying the African Social Composition and way of life believing strongly on culture and the indigenous elements of building.

The firm's philosophy is always to understand client needs, to design the best possible solutions within the resources available and to supervise contractors during construction. The aim is to do all that is possible to ensure that the clients get the best value for their money and time by developing meaningful and practical solutions. 

As a firm, we take great pride in our work striving to produce outstanding architecture in the knowledge that such designs will stand for several years as a witness to our efforts. We endeavor to seek what has traditionally been developed from the unique African culture and blend it with modern technology to meet our clients' needs.

Any building must be durable, economical and visually interesting. The firm undertakes various types of building and planning projects and provides the full range of services for individual buildings, housing in general and other complexes. 

SK Archplans Architects-Galana Office Block
SK Archplans Architects-Karen Hospital