KCA Library

Located in Ruaraka along the Nairobi Thika superhighway and just 15 minutes from the city center, in a perfect Suburban setting the library was designed traditionally from the unique African culture and blended with modern technology to meet our clients’ needs.

With the Pyramids of Egypt theme, we sought to denote high wisdom of the Incas of Egypt in ancient art, architecture, symbolism, mythology, and religion

It is made up of 4 floors with a skylight at the apex and huge glass louver windows for natural lighting and air circulation making it durable, economical and visually interesting.  Floors are accessible with the aid of lifts and ramps strategically located for quick access with minimal movement and disturbance.

KCA university library has a sitting capacity of 1,500 students and was rated 2nd best academic Library during the Maktaba awards (Library of the Year Awards) 2014.