Our Services

The specific areas of professional service in which SK Archplans specializes are: - 

• Site Analysis

• Feasibility Studies

• Programme Preparation

• Master Planning

• Campus Planning

• Architectural Design

• Schematic Design

• Space Planning and Interior Design

• Construction Documents

• Tender Documents

•  Administration of Construction Contracts

•  Landscaping

The multidisciplinary nature of consultancy enables the firm to provide a full range of services to the Government, Parastatal Organizations as well as various private Sector clients. Since the founding of the firm, the staff has built necessary skills and experience by way of involvement in a number of commissions where rational design concepts have been used to provide most effective solutions to projects.

The firm has employed local technical staff.  SK Archplans has worked in joint ventures with other local and foreign consulting firms and arrangements can be made at any time with these firms to engage in any venture as collaborative affiliates as may be necessary.